Signing Time! Review 2

Signing Time!

Video Review
by Chris Wixtrom

© 2002

Signing Time!  Volume 1   My First Signs (Ages 0-5)
Two Little Hands Productions, 2002
distributed by
VHS 30 minutes, ASL, Closed Captions, Voice-over
Instructional rating: A+

This video combines live action babies and children with creative "magical" animation to capture and keep the attention of watchers.  The signs are age-appropriate, clearly presented, and richly defined with a collage of visual images.  The scenes have charming voice-overs done by natural-sounding, happy young kids, and cheerful music.  The presentation employs a good balance of repetition with variety.

[Note: The anticipated release dates for Volumes 4 through 6 of Signing Time!, to be available in both VHS and DVD formats, is 2004.]

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