Signing Time! Review 3

Signing Time!

Video Review
by Kathleen Kelly MacMillan,
Maryland School for the Deaf

© 2003

Signing Time!  3 Volume Series
My First Signs, Playtime Signs, Everyday Signs

3 DVDs or 3 VHS tapes, 30 min each
Two Little Hands Productions, 2002
ASL, Closed Captions, Voice-over

[Preschool] Research showing the benefits of early exposure to sign language has led to a recent spate of baby-sign programs, but this one leads the pack. Featuring Leah (a deaf girl) and Alex (her hearing cousin), along with Rachel Coleman (Leah's mother and the series creator), this vibrant series introduces meaningful vocabulary in a vibrant, kid-friendly manner. Each sign is repeated multiple times by a bevy of bright-faced preschoolers, both hearing and deaf, and vocabulary is reinforced by crisp visuals, voice-overs, and on-screen words. Additional reinforcement comes from occasional songs and activities, such as the delightful “Silly Pizza Song", which reinforces food signs. Related signs, such as "book" and "read", or "friend" and "play", are often taught together, clarifying concepts even further. With complete closed-captioning of all talking and voice interpretation of all signing, fun reinforcement of all concepts, and kid-friendly style, this presentation is wholly accessible to kids and parents, both deaf and hearing. An ideal introducton to American Sign Language for babies and toddlers, preschoolers and parents and hands down, the best of its kind.

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